March 10, 2016 | Paris

The Future of Banking agenda will focus on:

  • The EU Capital Market Union: what will a harmonised market look like and how will impediments to this ambitious initiative be resolved?
  • Creating a sustainable and scalable business model which meets the increasing demands of investors and regulators
  • The Single Supervisory Mechanism: accountability, structure, reporting and progress
  • Disruption and technology: how can traditional and new entrants keep up with the exponential pace of tech in the industry and the digitally native customer?
  • New developments in fintech: entrants, established players and venture capitalists discuss what's next
  • International banking: are banks retreating into home markets and fragmenting along national lines? What geographical markets represent the best opportunities?
  • Cultural transformation: what are leaders doing to change the bank's structure and culture from top to bottom to regain trust, mitigate risk and bolster productivity

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