Investigations, done right, minimize or control loss, uncover systemic issues, identify risk areas, and provide information that drive continuous improvement initiatives. As a result, investigations are a critical cornerstone to governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) efforts in the ability to find and resolve issues to reduce exposure and contain loss to the organization. Collaborative Accountability Investigation Lifecycle Management (CAILM) enables organizations to manage the lifecycle of investigations, resulting in investigations that are handled consistently with collaboration across investigation roles and accountability into how the investigation is conducted and resolved.

Organizations benefit from consistent investigation documentation and process while maintaining data integrity and confidentiality. CAILM is the process of managing and maintaining investigations throughout the organization for all categories of investigations (e.g. retaliation, abuse, fraud, privacy, theft, vandalism). The goal of the CAILM approach is to document accountabilities, provide audit trails, coordinate with internal and external resources, specify monitoring activities, and provide a consistent process and investigation case review cycle.

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