John Wiley and Sons Ltd, Oct 2007, Pages: 360

Much of project management writing addresses only the basics of time, cost, and scope management (or people and organizational issues) and fails to address the day-to-day nuances that become so important in practice. The reality is that there is far more than this to managing projects successfully.

The Wiley Guides to Project Management contain not only well-known and wisely used basic project management practices but also new, cutting-edge concepts in the broader theory and practice of managing projects. The series will consist of edited guides, each devoted to a sub-topic area under the umbrella of Project Management. The first four volumes will cover: Project, Program, and Portfolio Management; Project Control; Organization and Project Management Competencies; and Project Technology Management, Supply Chain, and Procurement. Other books will be added as needed. Each volume will be edited by Peter W. G. Morris, & Jeffrey K. Pinto and will contain 300 to 400 pages, with 12 to 15 contributions drawn from both academia and industry.

The books will address critical, need-to-know information that will help professionals successfully manage projects in most businesses and help students learn the best practices of the industry.

The first book in this series, Project, Program, and Portfolio Management is based on the 'meta' level of management, understanding and exploiting strategic management of projects, portfolios, and program management, stakeholders, and PFI.

Authors Bio:

Peter W. G. Morris is Professor of Civil Engineering, Department of Civil & Structural Engineering, UMIST, Manchester, United Kingdom. Professor Morris is also Vice President of the Association for Project Management and Vice Chairman of the International Project Management Association.

Jeffrey K. Pinto is a Professor at the School of Business, Pennsylvania State University, Erie, Pennsylvania.


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