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Being in the computer industry is one of the most challenging things anyone can get into. When upgrading one’s knowledge to keep the data secure, there are a number of hurdles to cross. In this industry where we look for quick, fast responses from development to deployment to sales, everyone is expected to deliver without compromising any of the business parameters.


The information management challenge has evolved. Years of deploying content-driven point applications and departmental solutions, mergers and acquisitions, and shifts in IT infrastructure have left large organizations with multiple content repositories and information management systems to deal with.

CA Technologies

CA Content-Aware IAM helps you respond to the key IT drivers above. It helps to automate identity-based security processes (such as user provisioning, entitlement certification, etc.), which increases efficiency and reduces IT costs.


Beyond these important benefits for SAP installations, CA IAM can provide important additional benefits to your enterprise. It helps reduce risk and improve the security of your SAP and non-SAP applications and data.


Published: March 2009 - Access management (AM) and segregation of duties (SoD) controls have become increasingly important to executives and corporate managers responsible for preventing fraud, ensuring the security of enterprise information systems, and complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other regulations.

With device reputation, WagerWorks gained valuable insight into the account activity on its sites, and as a result achieved greater control over fraud and abuse. By easily identifying account-device relationships and providing data for in-depth forensic analysis, iovation ReputationManager proved to be the most important addition to the company's overall fraud prevention process

Consumers and business alike are faced with the ever-growing threat of identity theft. In 2007 alone, the total amount of all identity theft and fraud losses was over $1.2 billion. There were over a quarter of a million complaints of identity theft filed by consumers that year, and that number, while daunting, still does not give a true sense of the scope of the problem.

As products go to market quicker, employees, customers, and business partners need the ability to collaborate and access business data-when, where, and how ever they choose. Watch this illustrated demo to see how IBM offers a smarter, business-driven approach to Identity and Access Management. And how IBM's extensive integration capabilities can enhance productivity without compromising security.

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