Data Management


When: Apr 08 2010 4:00 am

Presenting: Bojana Bellamy, Director of Data Privacy, Accenture

Bojana Bellamy has over 15 years of working experience in international data privacy law and practice. Bojana works for Accenture as Global Data Privacy Compliance Lead, based in the company's London offices.

7 steps

11 Feb 2010 5:00 pm Presenting Linda Park, Symantec

Where is your confidential data? How is it being used? And how do you prevent its loss?

data class

11 Feb 2010 12:00 pm Presenting Michael Stone; Trend Micro

In this presentation Michael will cover some basic data classification concepts and also 10 questions IT Professionals can use to work with dat stakeholders in their organizations.


11 Feb 2010 6:00 am Presenting Wendy Goucher, Security Empowerment Consultant and Columnist

It is the business of the information security professional to enable the business to keep their sensitive information secure

solid foundation

11 Feb 2010 4:00 pm Presenting Jared Thorkelson; Principal, DLP Experts

Many organizations consider Data Loss Prevention to be a product, an enforcement technology.

data leakage

11 Feb 2010 8:00 am Presenting John Walker, Professor, School of Computing and Informatics, NTU

John is a proven visionary in the field of Cyber Security.


11 Feb 2010 4:00 am Presenting Marc Sel, PwC Enterprise Advisory Services, Director of Information Protection

Marc Sel currently works for PriceWaterhousCoopers, specializing in IT Performance Improvement.


11 Feb 2010 3:00 pm Presenting Mark D. Rasch; Founding Partner, Secure IT Experts

Many new laws require companies to report to clients, customers on data subjects when there has been a breach of a data system that contains sensitive personal information.


11 Feb 2010 11:00 am Presenting Derek E. Brink, VP & Research Fellow for IT Security, Aberdeen Group

Aberdeen's benchmark research in Data Loss Prevention (DLP)has shown that technologies to protect sensitive data against loss or exposure can indeed be deployed in a cost effective manner.


30 Sep 2009 5:00 pm Presenting Abolfazl Sirjani, Citrix Systems, VP of Microsoft Tech & Standards Strategy

Virtualization technology enables IT personnel to respond to business needs more rapidly with lower costs and improved operational efficiencies.

getting a handle

11 Feb 2010 2:00 pm Presenting Andrew Klein; SonicWALL

Data Leakage Prevention is on the top of every IT organization's mind.


11 Feb 2010 10:00 am Presenting Sean Sutton, Deloitte UK Security & Privacy Team

Data Loss Prevention - Considering a Strategy


30 Sep 2009 11:00 am Presenting Tim Matthews, PGP, Senior Director, Product Marketing

The IT landscape is being changed dramatically by new cloud based services

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