Information Security

Check Point Software

When: Dec 07 2010

Presenting: Alwyn Nash, Endpoint Technical Director Check Point Software Technologies; Meint Dijkstra, Computerlinks

Alwyn is an experienced professional with 15 years of experience in the IT business. He has held previous positions with Pointsec Mobile Technologies, Royal London Insurance, EDS and the UK Armed Forces.

Symbian Foundation

When: Dec 07 2010

Presenting: Craig Heath, Chief Security Technologist, Symbian Foundation

Fashion accessory, personal entertainment device, social network portal and business tool. People keep their smartphones with them 24 hours a day and expect to use them in all contexts of their life, both business and personal.


When: Dec 07 2010

Presenting: Jason Stradley; BT Global Services, US&C Security Practice Lead

Endpoint Security Management: Trust but Verify


Held: Jul 08 2010 6:00 am

Presenting: Mark Henshaw, Director ISACA London, Chairman ISACA Winchester

Intrusion Prevention- are we joking?
- When your business is a target, can you really prevent sponsored intrusion?


When: Dec 07 2010

Presenting:  Jamie Sumner, Strategic Planning Manager, Anti-Theft Services, Intel

The boundaries separating work, home and play have become more and more blurred. Mobility, once a nice-to-have capability, is increasingly important for business strategy, while, simultaneously increasing risk of theft and data loss.


When: Dec 07 2010

Presenting:  Matt Dieckman; SonicWALL, Secure Remote Access, Product Manager

The proliferation of end user devices combined with the need for employees to work at any time, from any location has resulted in the mobile workforce accessing critical network resources from an unprecedented variety of end points.


Held: Jul 08 2010 12:00 pm

Presenting: Mike Fratto; Network Computing, Editor

Before you can prevent an attack, you have to detect it. Traditional signature based IDS's are prone to false positives and can only detect malicious traffic it has signatures for.


When: Dec 07 2010

Presenting: Ward Spangenberg, Director, Zynga Game Network; Dave Asprey, Trend Micro; Becky Pinkard, The SANS Institute

Join Ward Spangenberg, Director of Security at Zynga Game Network; Becky Pinkard of SANS Institute and Dave Asprey of VP Cloud Security, Trend Micro as they critically evaluate if vendors are doing enough to prevent the threats from hackers in the cloud.


When: Dec 14 2010

Presenting: Justin Clarke, London Chapter Leader, OWASP

Justin Clarke is an information security consultant with years of experience in assessing the security of networks, web applications and wireless infrastructures for large financial, retail, technology and government clients in the United Kingdom, the United States and New Zealand.


Held: Jul 08 2010 4:00 pm

Presenting: C. Matthew Curtin, Interhack, Founder

Intrusion prevention technology is understandably focused on using network data to detect and to stop intrusions in progress. When (not if) intrusion prevention systems fail to prevent intrusions, can they provide any value to the management of an incident?

The Aberdeen Group

When: Dec 07 2010

Presenting:  Derek Brink, Vice President & Research Fellow, Aberdeen Group

Worries of 2011 – What to look out for and how to tackle them.


Held: Jul 08 2010 4:00 am

Presenting: Ron Condon, UK Bureau Chief, TechTarget

Ron Condon has been writing about developments in the IT industry for more than 30 years. In that time, he has charted the evolution from big mainframes, to minicomputers and PCs in the 1980s, and the rise of the Internet over the last decade or so.

When: June 4 @ 11am EST

In today's highly regulated environment, many organizations address compliance as one-off projects where the goal is to ‘get the box checked' by the auditor. This inefficient approach results in time- and resource-intensive work to pour through as many as 40,000 spreadsheets just for one compliance initiative* that provides little value back to the organization. This multiplies exponentially when dealing with multiple regulations.

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