MetricStreamIn today’s digital enterprises, CISOs and CIOs have a pivotal role to play in protecting their organizations against the growing multitude of IT risks and threats, while also sustaining compliance with IT regulations, standards, and policies.

IDG logo logotypeNew survey finds most security deployments follow container-level, rather than more secure data-level, approaches to encryption. But enterprises understand at the highest levels that data security is critically important. Taking a proactive strategy will reduce corporate risk and also protect brand and reputation.

HPEHadoop is a unique architecture designed to enable organizations to gain new analytic insights and operational efficiencies through the use of multiple standard, low-cost, high-speed, parallel processing nodes operating on very large sets of data. The resulting flexibility, performance, and scalability are unprecedented. But data security was not the primary design goal.

HPENeutralize data breaches: a new breed of cyber attacks—advanced malware, exploitation networks, and motivated insiders—are stealing sensitive data from vulnerable ecosystems. But companies can neutralize data breaches by rendering the data valueless, de-identifying data through encryption, tokenization, and data masking.

CardconnectCardConnect recently worked with a furniture retailer that has 50+ showrooms, completes 60,000 deliveries and processes $40 million in credit card volume each month.

HPEHPE SecureData Mobile, a new addition to the HPE SecureData portfolio, provides security for sensitive data submitted through a mobile endpoint. HPE SecureData Mobile enables end-to-end sensitive data protection within native mobile iOS and Android applications through the entire enterprise data lifecycle and payment transaction flow. Data is secured from the point of capture to the trusted host.

CardconnectThere have been more than 600 million records compromised from approximately 4,000 data breaches since 2005—and those are just the public records. As cybercrimes increase in frequency and complexity, the payment card industry and merchants continue to scramble to stay one step ahead.

HPEEnd-to-End Encryption for Payment Card and Personal Data at the Web Browser.

CardconnectWe make payments simple, secure and 100% PCI compliant.Even better - all of our solutions are customized for each client to accommodate their unique business requirements.

HPEAchieve Rapid Compliance, Reduce PCI DSS Audit Scope and Cost, Neutralize Breaches End-to-end.

AberdeenOver a 10-year period, the Verizon DBIR has shared valuable insights on nearly 80,000 security incident investigations, and more than 2,100 confirmed data breaches.

AberdeenGp smallbusinessWPAberdeen Group's Monte Carlo analysis makes use of empirical data from the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) — including the likelihood of a data breach, and estimates for the cost of a data breach — to quantify the risk of a data breach, as a function of industry, the number of records compromised, and the size of the organization. For example: for small businesses of up to 1,000 employees, the risk of a data breach is higher than the risk for large organizations, by about 35%.

CF2016WPBy working with a certified P2PE Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to validate their P2PE solutions or components, payment service providers can show a significant reduction in their overall corporate risk, as well as provide a more secure payment solution that merchants demand.

MetricStreamAs the world gets flatter, organizations with global third-party networks are faced with a multitude of rules, policies, data, standards and regulations – all of which make the case for a robust TPM program.

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