Held: Jun 24 2010 3:00 pm

Presenting: Matt Dieckman; SonicWALL, Product Manager

At the beginning of this 2010, the harsh winter storms raging across the US brought many businesses to their knees - including even the most prepared of organizations like the Federal Government. Workforce productivity plummeted as employees were stranded at home - preventing them from doing their mission-critical jobs. This is not just a US phenomenon. Organizations across the world continually experience business and workforce continuity challenges from many types of disruptions - including strikes, bad traffic or even Acts of God like the Icelandic Volcano eruption that closed European airspace.

Join this presentation to learn how to build a robust, flexible business and workforce continuity plan that delivers secure access to the network from any location using any device. Also learn how SonicWALL's Secure Remote Access Solutions can dramatically increase your employee productivity, driving your revenue while your competition perishes in the cold.

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