Taneja Group

When: Jan 13 2011

Presenting: Dave Bartoletti; Taneja Group, Senior Analyst

In this presentation, Taneja Group analyst Dave Bartoletti will share his insights, strategies and outlook on the rapidly emerging field of cloud-based data protection, including backup, recovery, replication and DR.

Attendees will learn what cloud backup means today: the essential components of a cloud backup strategy, what technologies and tools are available today and what's on the horizon, the current state of cloud storage platforms and what to expect from a cloud storage service provider, how different data protection use cases change in the cloud, and how to avoid common integration and performance problems when first deploying a cloud backup solution. Dave will also share details of recent Taneja Group emerging market forecast research on cloud storage, which will help attendees understand the different players and where they fit in the cloud technology space. He will explain the various ways to implement cloud backup and which vendors are showing the most innovation. In addition, he'll lay out the essential ingredients for successful cloud backup, including network and integration considerations which are often overlooked. Attendees will also learn about several successful deployments of cloud backup/recovery from Taneja Group interviews with early-adopter enterprise.

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