Internal Auditing


29 Sep 2009 3:00 pm Presenting David Hoelzer; Enclave Forensics, Director of Research

As IT auditors we spend a great deal of time focused on configuration settings.


29 Sep 2009 2:00 pm Presenting Lenny Zeltser SANS Technology Institute

Malicious software is an integral and dangerous component of many breaches.


Presenting Martin Holzke, Director & Author, SoftQualm

Even more businesses get involved in on or other form of auditing, whether its finance(Sarbanes-Oxley, SAS70 etc.) or quality (ISO 9000, Six Sigma etc.)related to mention only those two areas . . .


Presenting: Doug Shin, Audit and Information Security Consultant

This session will outline and review the basic elements of Internal IT Audit function, including the differences betweeen External and Internal Audit, the purpose and value of Internal Audit function and other relevant topics . . .


30 Sep 2009 2:00 pm Presenting Lily Bi; The Institute of Internal Auditors; Director, Technology Practices

-Explore the relationship between IT and Business
-Define IT audit universe


Presenting: Jason Keogh, CTO and Founder of iQuate

Traditional IT inventory and audit packages are invaluable for analyzing risk across the IT estate. In effect they widen the audit universe . . .


Presenting: Jose Dias, CISA, Director American Express

This session discusses new trends and best practices on Application Audits. Similarities and differences between Infrastructure, Application, and Integrated Audits . . . 


29 Sep 2009 12:00 pm Presenting Michael Juergens; Deloitte & Touche LLP, Principal

Compliance requirements and resource constraints have focussed IT Audit procedures on the bare essentials of IT controls.


Presenting: Barry Lewis, co-author: Wireless Networks for Dummies; Cerberus ISC

Secure Mobile Computing: Audit and control of memory sticks to Smartphones . . .

Webinar: Managing Laptops to Prevent Data Breach
In this webinar, learn how your IT department can improve auditing of laptop inventory, verify software license compliance and remotely delete data on laptops that are outside the local or wireless network.


29 Sep 2009 11:00 am Presenting Shreeraj Shah; Blueinfy Solutions, Founder and Director

Enterprise application source code, independent of languages and platforms, is a major source of vulnerabilities.

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