Recorded: 28 Jan 2010   View Webinar

Presenting: Dennis Boas, Security Solutions, Enterasys Networks

In today's networked world, critical data is stolen in real time. Bots, viruses and denial of service attacks propagate at network speeds. Escalating adoption of wireless, social networking, cloud computing and virtualization technologies increases your security risk. The only effective threat mitigation strategy is an automated real time response that stops the attack and prevents the attacker from trying again. This webinar discusses effective, automated threat mitigation and IPS solutions for enterprise networks and cyber-speed threats.

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dboasDennis Boas has over 35 years of experience working in the computer and networking security environments. Starting with the ARPANET in the early 70's, his experience includes network management, network design, network security design, security analysis, product management. Dennis has worked with Enterasys, Army Security Agency, and the National Security Agency.



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