When: Apr 29 2010 11:00 am

Presenting: Brandon Dunlap; Brightfly, Managing Director

Companies invest significant amounts of resources in developing, marketing and positioning their products or services within a given market, yet when it comes to promoting the protection of the business and the identities of their employees and customers, many companies fail to drive the same level of marketing internally. In this session you'll learn about the intersection between personal and work life and how it impacts the security of individual's identities. Specifically, we'll discuss how we, as security professionals, are uniquely positioned to drive awareness in the user population that protects both the enterprise and their personal security, inside and outside of the organization. You will get practical advice around how to alter user behavior by using techniques borrowed from marketing and advertising (2 of the most powerful forms of behavior modification), as well as a powerful toolkit to help you achieve this in your own organization.

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