March 23 - 24, 2020 | Toronto

Enterprise risk management is an area that is constantly evolving. In order for a company to have a successful Enterprise Risk Management program they must ensure that it is properly aligned with the company's overall objectives and strategy. An advanced ERM program enables a company to not only successfully identify and mitigate certain risk that it may face, but also allows for enhanced risk capacity to enable an increase in risk appetite that provide it with the resources to successfully exploit the opportunities that lie inherent within each risk.

There is more than enough information on ERM available in the market today but most companies struggle to turn this information into real work practices in implementing and ERM program that does beyond audit and compliance. Companies that have begun implementing their own program have discovered that it requires a shift in risk management culture, active support from the BOD and Executive Management.

This course is an instruction based format that allows for an interactive leading environment while using actual examples from ERM implementation to focus on practical solution that attendees can use to ensure that their ERM program continues to evolve to address their needs while moving it along the maturity curve.

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