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IT GRC Forum    Live Webcast!  

How to Identify and Reduce the Risks of 3rd Party Vendors

* On this webcast you will be able to download the slides and related research reports. Register below for access

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Rebecca Herold

   Rebecca Herold        Discussion Moderator and CEO

Duncan Jones

        Duncan Jones             VP, Principal Analyst Serving Vendor Management Professionals


           Neil Hooper               SVP Sales and Business Development


             Yo Delmar                   Vice President of GRC Solutions

Privacy Professor   






About the IT GRC Forum
The IT GRC Forum is an online resource and networking platform for Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) Professionals. We produce educational events and provide market intelligence for our members, and it is our goal to help industry stakeholders, government regulators, and end-users better understand and manage the increasingly complex GRC landscape across their organization. Visit us at www.itgrcforum.com