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October 24-15, 2019 | New York City | Website

Following the release and progress made towards the European IFRS 9 standard, the focus is now moving towards the US CECL standard. Institutions are preparing for the overhaul of current practices to facilitate CECL and adapting systems to ensure implementation and ultimately compliance.

CECL 2019, October 11-12, NYC, will bring together over 20 senior risk professionals from leading financial institutions to provide a beginning to end overview of the CECL process and what to expect, leveraging current infrastructure, model requirements and its potential impact on reporting and products.

Key highlights at the Congress include

CECL Introduction

Understanding and interpreting the new standard

CCAR/DFAST Synergies

Leveraging current stress testing infrastructure for CECL

Data requirements

Meeting data requirements under CECL and preparing infrastructure

Modeling techniques

Modeling techniques for CECL requirements


Aligning teams for increased rigor of documentation

Product Structuring

Managing adjustments to product offering and structures, including revolvers and retail

Governance and controls

Implementing a governance and control framework under CECL

End state vision

Understanding the end goal and considering potential unintended consequences

Join us on October 11-12, 2017, to review system requirements for full CECL implementation and impact on the business. We look to bring together industry professionals to provide a platform for networking, idea sharing and developing processes.

To register for the Summit or for further information on this year’s CECL conference, please contact the Center for Financial Professionals at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1 888 677 7007.

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