Access Management

The combination of Absolute's SaaS-based computer tracking and Intel's hardware-based Anti-Theft technology gives you an unprecedented level of theft deterrence and data defense.

End-to-end Application Performance Management (APM) refers to the IT service discipline that encompasses the identification, prioritization and resolution of performance and availability problems affecting business applications.

Download this white paper to learn why email encyrption is critical to an organization's overall security architecture and the advantages of identity-based encryption over traditional approaches to public key cryptography.

Compliance efforts and security concerns have driven businesses to make substantial investments in threat control. Too often, however, these efforts pay far too little heed to the risks posed by poorly controlled access to administrative privilege in IT, which can have a hugely disproportionate impact on the business.

Many IT organizations have now established effective monitoring systems for the various infrastructure domains in an enterprise-wide IT landscape: servers, storage, network, peripherals and desktops.


This white paper, intended for a management-level audience, describes why and how any organization can implement secure Internet single sign-on with a federated identity management system.

This white paper explores insider attacks and insider risk, and shows how to control them by controlling and monitoring access. The paper describes the more common vulnerabilities exploited by insider attacks and a method for assessing insider risk.

A new generation of email security solutions is needed to meet the challenges of growing message traffic, rapidly-evolving security threats and increasingly complex data protection and privacy regulations worldwide.

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