When: 15 Apr 2010 3:00 pm

Presenting: Ian Clayton, Principal, Service Management 101

The next generation of service management initiatives carries the ‘B' prefix - and like the ‘IT' prefixed initiatives that preceded them, they will likely fail the customer. Why?

its time

When: 15 Apr 2010 2:00 pm

Presenting: Evelyn Hubbert, Senior Analyst, Forrester

IT is still struggling with growing pains, meaning that the current economic conditions present a catalyst for change and an opportunity to mature.


4 Dec 2009 1:00 pm Presenting Kenneth Gonzalez, Vice President, Service Management Society, Inc.

It wasn't that long ago that any given pet project, however vague or suspect the value proposition may be, had a fighting chance of being approved.


3 Dec 2009 3:00 pm Presenting Bruce Levin & Rae Garrett, FrontRange Solutions

Whether you call it ITIL or IT Best Practices, this process is meant to improve IT operational performance.

When: 15 Apr 2010 12:00 pm

Presenting: Ken Wendle, ITSM Industry Advocate at itSMF

What is the true value proposition behind what is known as "ITIL V3"?


3 Dec 2009 6:00 pm Presenting Dr Hank Marquis, PhD FBCS CITP, BSM Practice Leader, Global Knowledge

In this presentation Hank Marquis will explain service quality from the point of view of consumers


3 Dec 2009 2:00 pm Presenting Swen Conrad, Marketing Director, IT Optimization and Governance, SAP

Integrated Release Mgmt - Maximize IT's Biz Value in Lean Times

When: 15 Apr 2010 10:00 am

Presenting: Lynda Cooper, Managing Consultant, Service 2000 Limited

ITIL and ISO20000 are extensively used in the IT environment. But the future points towards a more business focused world. There have been frequent challenges to extend ITIL and ISO20000 into business processes but these have been resisted up to now as being too difficult. Now is the time to consider this next step.


3 Dec 2009 5:00 pm Presenting Cassius Downs, Partner: Network Edge LLC, Board Member itSMF

Part of providing IT Services and business alignment is the ability to budget for, account for and change for the services rendered to the business.


3 Dec 2009 1:00 pm Presenting Robert Sterbens, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Service Mgmt, CA Inc.

Despite best laid plans, IT often struggles to allocate resources and budget where the business most needs them.

When: 15 Apr 2010 8:00 am

Presenting: Howard Kendall, Founding Director, SDI Europe

Howard Kendall is hosting this Rountable discussion


3 Dec 2009 4:00 pm Presenting Anthony Orr, Best Practices Director, Educational Services at BMC

Business needs to be more competitive today and better poised for growth when the economy begins to rebound.


3 Dec 2009 12:00 pm Presenting Jeffrey Cunningham, GPO, Change Management, Thompson Reuters

A case study presentation by Thompson Reuters describing the transition from ITIL v2 to ITIL v3.

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