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  • 073020tnGRC 101: Aligning Compliance, Security, and Business Goals

    Recorded:    December 16 | 2021      Watch

    Organizations today are tasked with meeting the challenges of the current business climate, one of which is managing GRC processes which are often siloed. GRC has a wide reach and impacts many departments across an organization, but when it is done right, benefits accrue. Organizations that integrate GRC processes and technology across departments can ensure the right people get the right information at the right times; that the right objectives are established; and that the right actions and controls are put in place to address uncertainty and act with integrity.

  • 073020tnParadigm Shift: Using NIST Cybersecurity Principles to Drive Your Risk Program

    Recorded:    November 16 | 2021      Watch

    Cybersecurity risks come in many forms, and most importantly, risks are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace. Organizations across industries should work to implement adaptive cybersecurity processes that enable them to predict, prepare and react to the shifting landscape of cyber threats. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework enables organizations to apply the principles and best practices of security to drive risk management and protect against constantly advancing cyber attacks.

  • 073020tnA Data-Driven Approach to Third-Party Risk Management

    Recorded:    October 21 | 2021      Watch

    As organizations have increased their scope of vendors and partners, they have also increased their digital risk surface and are facing new challenges regarding vendor risk management. By taking a data-driven approach to identifying, understanding, and acting on risk, you can efficiently eliminate your organization's most critical third-party security gaps.

  • 073020tnStrategies to Turn Risk into an Opportunity for Business Growth

    Recorded:    September 23 | 2021      Watch

    We are all in the risk business. No risk, no business. The biggest risk points are usually where the biggest opportunities lie to better meet your strategic objectives, enable and drive growth, improve reputation management and confidence in decision-making — and face fewer surprises.

  • 073020tnRansomware: How to Reduce Your Likelihood of Being a Victim

    Recorded:    September 16 | 2021      Watch

    Colonial Pipeline. JBS meat processor. Scripps Health. The list of recent high-profile ransomware victims is long and growing. So are the costs to recover from these crimes.

  • 073020tnApplying Threat Intelligence to Improve Visibility into Third-Party Cyber Risks

    Recorded:    August 26 | 2021      Watch Now

    Data breaches are one of the world’s biggest cybersecurity threats for organizations of all sizes. A recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute revealed that 59% of organizations have experienced one or more data breaches caused by a third party, costing an average of $7.5 million to remediate. Incorporating current threat intelligence is critical to building and maintaining an effective third-party risk program.

  • 073020tnA Data-Driven Cybersecurity Masterclass

    Recorded:    July 22 | 2021       Watch Now

    Incident response teams, threat hunters and security operations centers need visibility into what’s happening on their networks so they can make sense of their traffic and move at the speed of attacks. Cybersecurity best practices have moved from protection to detection and response and the lens is refocusing again on data-driven security. Data is the key to making more informed, strategic cybersecurity decisions — and ensuring you’re spending your security dollars effectively. Continuous data-driven monitoring of security in your organization and in every vendor organization with access to your IT infrastructure is the only strategy that will keep you one step ahead of the bad guys.

  • 073020tnHow to Improve Efficiencies in Your Vendor Risk-Management Program

    Recorded:    June 24 | 2021      Watch Now

    Traditional Vendor Risk Management tactics are inadequate for understanding the cybersecurity posture of your vendor ecosystem. Your organization should also make sure that your program is efficient in its processes and works to enable business, mitigate risk, ensure compliance and that it fits into your organization’s overall structure. Whatever your company size and regardless of the number of vendors you have, creating efficiencies across your vendor risk management program isn’t just helpful—it’s critical if you want to properly assess the security posture of your vendors.

  • 073020tnACC Data Steward Program: A New Industry Model for Evaluating Law Firm Security

    Recorded:    June 17 | 2021      Watch Now

    Corporations give their law firms more sensitive information than any other type of vendor. Yet surveys show that 70% of companies do not assess the security of their firms and legal service providers.

  • 073020tnGDPR and Privacy 2021, where are we now?

    Recorded:    May 26 | 2021      Watch Now

    2021 is set to be an exciting one for privacy protection legislation as several notable privacy laws will begin enforcement, with several others falling in line to the new international standard set by the GDPR.

  • 073020tnThird-Party Risk Deep-Dive: How to Operate Your Program

    Recorded:    April 29 | 2021      Attend

    Procurement, IT, and Compliance leaders struggle to manage today’s complex regulatory environment, expansive supply chains, and compliance burdens. Difficulties increase as organizations subject themselves to additional risk by involving more third parties—suppliers, sales agents, and even charities—as regulations grow ever-more complex.

  • 073020tnAutomating Cyber Risk Management in a Pandemic

    Recorded:    March 25 | 2021      Attend

    Cyber-risk management has been forever changed by COVID-19. From the sudden and exponential growth of the remote workforce to the increase in cyber threats that exploit the expanding attack surface, the pandemic has created new challenges which require new strategies for effectively managing cyber risk. This paradigm shift has accelerated the demand for efficiency and forced a new mindset for risk and compliance teams who are relying on automation technologies like never before.






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