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Ransomware: How to Reduce Your Likelihood of Being a Victim


Recorded:    September 16 | 2021      Watch

Colonial Pipeline. JBS meat processor. Scripps Health. The list of recent high-profile ransomware victims is long and growing. So are the costs to recover from these crimes.

But what if you could take preventive steps to reduce your likelihood of becoming a ransomware victim? BitSight recently analyzed hundreds of ransomware incidents to identify common security performance gaps and challenges that lead to successful ransomware incidents. One finding: Poor patching performance is a strong indicator of increased risk to ransomware. In fact, organizations with less mature patching programs are 7x more likely to experience a ransomware incident.

Register for this executive roundtable for new insights and discussion about:

  • Sector-specific insights tied to recent ransomware trends
  • Vulnerabilities that indicate heightened risk of ransomware
  • Programmatic areas to reduce the likelihood of being a ransomware victim


jakeJake Olcott, VP, Communications & Government Affairs at BitSight. For years, Jake has helped organizations create sustainable third party risk management programs. Jake has held a number of leadership roles at BitSight since joining the company in 2015. Prior to BitSight, Jake served as cybersecurity attorney to the Senate Commerce Committee and House Homeland Security Committee. He previously consulted with Fortune 1000 executives on cyber risk management and served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. He holds degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Virginia School of Law.