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  • 032422TNThink Like a Hacker: Tactics to Identify Gaps in Your IT Security Posture

    Recorded:    March 16 | 2023      Watch

    Cybersecurity is one of the largest concerns facing businesses today and hackers continuously develop diverse ways of penetrating your cybersecurity defences. By adopting the mindset of a hacker, you can be one step ahead of malicious attacks and improve your cybersecurity infrastructure.

  • 032422TNAligning Cybersecurity Best Practices with Third-Party Risk

    Recorded:    February 16 | 2023      Watch Now

    The cyber threat landscape grows exponentially each year. Third-party cyber data breaches like the Kaseya data breach, a cyberattack that affected over 1,500 organizations, have prompted regulators to raise cybersecurity standards. In the United States, the Biden Administration aims to improve nationwide cybersecurity with an executive order. The 100-day plan aims to modernize federal infrastructure, improve supply chain security, establish a cybersecurity review board and more.

  • 032422TNNavigating the Impact of your digital footprint on Cyber Insurance Coverage

    Recorded:    January 26 | 2023      Watch Now

    The state of cybersecurity feels volatile. Despite massive worldwide spending on risk management to the tune of $150 billion, cyber attacks keep happening. Ransomware attacks doubled in 2021, with average ransomware recovery costs doubling to $1.85 million and average downtime increasing to 22 days.

  • 032422TNHow to Utilize Security Ratings in Third-Party Risk Management

    Recorded:    December 14 | 2022      Attend

    In an interconnected, ever changing digital world, how well your data is secured across your supply chain is a matter of great importance. Failing to adequately screen vendor security risks can lead to data breaches, which can shut down operations, damage customer trust and incur hefty regulatory penalties.

  • 032422TNStreamlining GRC Controls to Optimize Cybersecurity

    Recorded:    November 17 | 2022      Attend

    In today’s interconnected world of rapid data exchange, GRC Controls impact each and every part of an organization’s cybersecurity posture.

  • 032422TNData Privacy Essentials

    Recorded:    November 3 | 2022      Attend

    Data privacy is a key component in many strict regulatory mandates and a subject of increasing attention from the public at large. To avoid steep fines and attract and retain customers, organizations must ensure the privacy of all the sensitive data they process and store. But what's the best path to achieving that goal?

  • 032422TNEnriching Third-Party Risk Processes with Targeted Risk Intelligence

    Recorded:    October 20 | 2022      Attend

    With organizations having an average of over 5500 third parties in their vendor ecosystem, third-party risk management (TPRM) can be overwhelming and costly. Manual approaches to TPRM research and analysis are no longer appropriate. Targeted risk intelligence and automated data feeds can enable organizations to recognize risk sooner and respond with increased operational resilience, reducing the manual burden and cost.

  • 032422TNUnderstanding the Modern Attack Surface: IoT and Supply Chain Risk

    Recorded:    October 6 | 2022      Attend

    The corporate attack surface is rapidly expanding: how can security professionals get ahead of the curve and create resilient organizations?

  • 032422TNPreparing for Ransomware with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

    Recorded:    September 22 | 2022      Attend

    Ransomware is a type of malicious attack where attackers encrypt an organization’s data and demand payment to restore access. It disrupts or halts an organization’s operations and poses a dilemma for management: pay the ransom and hope that the attackers keep their word about restoring access and not disclosing data, or do not pay the ransom and restore operations themselves. The methods used to gain access to an organization’s information and systems are common to cyberattacks more broadly, but they are aimed at forcing a ransom to bepaid.

  • 032422TNUtilizing the NIST Framework for Full-Cycle Privilege Orchestration

    Recorded:    September 8 | 2022      Attend

    A huge percentage of data breaches start with privileged credential abuse. There are often many privileged accounts that today’s overburdened IT security teams lose track of them. Stop leaving privileged accounts available for attackers to compromise and insiders to misuse! Instead, discover and remove them to achieve zero standing privilege (ZSP).

  • 032422TNHow to Effectively Communicate Cybersecurity Risks to the Board

    Recorded:    August 25 | 2022      Attend

    It has always been challenging for security leaders to communicate the value of cybersecurity investments to board. Giving transparency about the weakness of organizations can be pretty uncomfortable but, it is essential to increase the Cybersecurity level. As an IT Manager, CISO, or CSO, your understanding of risk and compliance is intimate and understood in infosec terminology. You must offer board executives a set of data to help them make informed decisions based upon the optimal management.

  • 032422TNTop Regulatory & Compliance Trends Impacting Risk Management

    Recorded:    July 28 | 2022      Attend

    The COVID-19 pandemic and increased geopolitical uncertainty has placed new priorities and responsibilities on the shoulders of risk and compliance professionals. Executives have realized that stronger ERM programs are required to remain competitive in this new era. Risk leaders, in turn, are looking beyond the urgent ERM measures required to handle the pandemic to how an effective enterprise risk management program can be a competitive differentiator for their companies.







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