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The reporting features in AlienVault® USM Anywhere™ make it fast and simple to get the visibility you need to maintain a strong security posture and to satisfy the reporting requirements of your compliance auditors, your executives, and your board of directors.

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A comprehensive compliance guide for the General Data Protection Regulation. This Handbook is designed to support the ability of the Privacy Office in implementing an accountability approach to compliance with the GDPR.

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A survey was conducted for this white paper, some of the results from which are included herein. However, all of the results will be published in a separate survey report shortly after the publication of the paper. This white paper and survey were sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise – information on the company is provided at the end of this paper.

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Data-centric security is an effective line of defense to safeguard sensitive data once perimeter protection has failed. By focusing on securing the data itself, data-centric security enables organizations to safely manage their data resources, stay in control of the most sensitive data and give users access to the data they need and not a byte more. Data-centric security also improves visibility into who has accessed which data, delivers auditing capabilities at the right level – user and data – and directly supports compliance to industry regulations.

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Complying with new and multifaceted regulations can be a challenge for your business. At HPE, we break down all aspects of GDPR into modules. Read through and pick and choose the solutions you need to cover your business, all provided with our quality and expertise as standard.

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Organizations must implement a cohesive risk management program to protect against loss while remaining agile to meet strategic objectives. RSA® Archer® can transform your compliance program and enable your organization to proactively manage risk by providing improved visibility, enabling better decisions to achieve business objectives with more predictable results.

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This survey report, which focuses on the impact of GPDR in the European region, shows that most organisations are still not ready for GDPR, and many are facing obstacles in implementing the new regulation in 2018. To be successful, it takes a coordinated effort across the enterprise and a comprehensive strategy.

MetricStreamGovernance, risk, and compliance (GRC) as a means to reduce process redundancy, deliver risk intelligence, and improve business performance has captured the attention of leadership teams across the enterprise. GRC is also now embracing IT and security teams, often catching them unprepared to champion their unique requirements.






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