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We are now more than a year into the guidelines that went into effect June 2015 for medium/large insurers to comply with Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA)requirements that include the assessment and management of all risks (not just underwriting risks) in their annual reports.

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Complying with new and multifaceted regulations can be a challenge for your business. At HPE, we break down all aspects of GDPR into modules. Read through and pick and choose the solutions you need to cover your business, all provided with our quality and expertise as standard.

MetricStream pdf Download (1.01 MB)

The MetricStream Enterprise Risk Management App provides capabilities to deploy uniform risk methodologies and standards, ensuring a structured and systematic approach to ERM. The App enables an accurate understanding of risks across the organization, providing clear visibility into the top risks affecting the organization.

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Watch to learn how RSA Archer Enterprise & Operational Risk Management provides the foundation to extend operational risk management processes to security, resiliency, regulatory compliance, audit, and third party governance.

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With information in the Cloud, suddenly a new team of people has access to your data. At every turn, they are working hard to protect, tackle, and block access to sensitive data in ‘your’ infrastructure. In fact, to protect your data in the Cloud, several of the fundamental building blocks of a secure enterprise IT infrastructure have to be re-envisioned.

booz allen hamilton pdf Download (1.69 MB)

The Definitive Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers. Companies increasingly use consumer data, including personal information, to stay competitive; this includes the capability to analyze their customers’ demographics and buying habits, predict future behaviors and business trends, and collect and sell data to third-parties.

ISFtn pdf Download (727 KB)

To assist ISF Members, the annual ISF Threat Horizon report takes a two-year perspective of major threats, describing potential implications and providing recommendations to organisations.

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HPE SecureData includes next generation technologies, Hyper Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE), Hyper Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST), HPE Stateless Key Management, and data masking. HPE SecureData “de-identifies” data, rendering it useless to attackers, while maintaining its usability, usefulness, and referential integrity for data processes, applications and services. HPE SecureData neutralizes data breaches by making your protected data absolutely worthless to an attacker, whether it is in production, analytic systems, or test/development systems, such as training and quality assurance.

ISFtn pdf Download (1.23 MB)

Conventional approaches to deploying security controls seldom provide appropriate or sufficient protection for mission-critical information assets. The ISF Protection Process is astructured and systematic five-phase process for determining the approaches required to deliver comprehensive, balanced and end-to-end protection.

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Cloud computing is one of the largest, most dramatic forces changing the IT landscape today. Driven by key economic advantages, as well as factors that re-shape how fast enterprises can address global markets, and develop new services, there are substantial business benefits to the cloud. The savings can be substantial.

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HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) and HPE SecureData along with HPE Helion enable enterprises to extend data to the cloud computing solutions with a high level of security assurance.

ISFtn pdf Download (3.87 MB)

Designed to be as straightforward to implement as possible, ISF tools and research offer organisations an ‘out of the box’ approach for addressing a wide range of challenges – whether they be strategic, compliance-driven or process approaches. ISF tools can be used individually, or together as a suite, to complement an organisation’s existing approaches.

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Key management for encryption applications creates manageability risks when security controls and operational concerns are not fully realized. Various approaches to managing keys are discussed with the impact toward supporting enterprise policy.

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Discover how enforcing endpoint protection with key management solutions can help you continuously protect information generated by an increasingly mobile workforce.

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