Iron Mountain

When: Jun 24 2010 9:00 am

Presenting: Stephan Haux, Senior Product Manager EMEA, Iron Mountain

Every IT application protected by Business Continuity (BC) plans needs to include backup. In any BC plan, backup itself must be protected with at least high a level as the application if is supposed to protect.

Looking at the overall BC plan, restoring the information is always one of the earliest tasks required for recovery, consuming scarce resources to perform a task: logistics, setting up machinery, handling the backup medias etc.

By outsourcing the backup and restore to the right off-site and cloud services the complexity of the BC plan is tremendously reduced.

Stephan Haux is Senior Product Manager for EMEA at Iron Mountain Digital. Haux oversees EMEA activities for determining market requirements, for going to market across Iron Mountain Digitals product and service portfolio. Haux frequently speaks at events, briefs journalists and engages with the analyst community in all parts of the world. Before Haux joined Iron Mountain held various international positions at SAS for example as Team Leader and Product Manager. With more than 20 years experience in IT and Marketing covering areas from ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Performance Management Haux is embarked for the ultimate challenge: Designing services to manage the world's information.

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