Change Management

Integrating Change

When: May 19 2010 4:00 am

Presenting: Diane Stow, Service Transition Manager, Bank of England

One of the challenges of service management has always been project management and how it fits, or doesn't, with change. How and when should projects engage with Service Management?


When: May 19 2010 12:00 pm

Presenting: Tulio Quinones, Core Media Technologies & Chuck Darst, HP

The reality is-change is complex. In additional to challenges of change in a distributed CAB environment, CMT faced pressures of speed and risk - to be more responsive to business needs and more consistent on risk and impact analysis.


14 Jan 2010 2:00 pm Presenting Carlos Casanova, Founder & President, K2 Solutions group, Inc.

Data Discrepancies are unavoidable and occur for a myriad of reasons.

14 Jan 2010 10:00 am Presenting Mark Andrews, Delphi Corporation, Operations Director

IT supporting key business processes "allowing the dog to way the tail"


When: May 19 2010 2:00 pm

Presenting: Thomas Dosedel, BlueCross BlueShield & Mike O'Grady, HP

The Infrastructure and interdependencies between resources just keep getting more complex.


14 Jan 2010 6:00 pm Presenting Alex Pearson, Independent ITSM Consultant

Protecting the production environment from risk is an important function of Change Management, but when is this stifling business?

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