Process Management


When: Aug 19 2010

Presenting: Chris Burtenshaw, Information & Technology Risk Manager, Deloitte

In a challenging economic climate, delivering value from security technologies like Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is higher up the agenda than ever before. This presentation discusses some strategies for success, with a few examples of the types of use cases which we've found most valuable to our clients.


When: Aug 19 2010

Presenting: Ritesh Singhai, Senior Security Engineer, SecureWorks

To protect critical information and business processes and to comply with industry regulations, organisations can no longer rely sole on network level security. They must also monitor a myriad of application on a variety of different platforms. Doing so is a complex, labour intensive undertaking that involves more than simply purchasing security hardware and software.

Security Warrior Consulting

When: Aug 19 2010

Presenting: Dr. Anton Chuvakin; Security Warrior Consulting, Principle

The presentation will discuss how to bring order (in the form of standards!) to the chaotic world of logging. It will give a brief introduction to logs and logging and explain how and why logs grew so chaotic and disorganized.

In this informative webinar, you will learn about the challenges of implementing configuration management along with suggestions on how to get started, and best practices to ensure success.

The 451 Group

When: Aug 19 2010

Presenting: Andrew Hay, CISSP Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security Practice, The 451 Group

The integration of 3rd party products within SIEM and Log Management platforms is often a race to competitive parity. Unfortunately for customers, simply having cursory integration for a product without an ongoing integration lifecycle is about as useful as the platform not supporting the device in the first place.

Aberdeen Group

When: Aug 20 2010

Presenting: Derek Brink, Aberdeen Group, VP & Research Fellow for IT Security

Companies of all sizes are trying to make sense of the incredible volume of data that is being generated by their computing infrastructure and their existing security solutions. Much like the children ice-skating game of "crack the whip", Aberdeen's research indicates that closing the performance gap between leaders and laggards in the front-end - i.e., collecting and managing the data (log management) - helps to accelerate the progress needed in the back-end - i.e., interpreting the data and taking action (security information and event management).


Ball State University was having unusually high IT failure rates during online student registration. Using BPM powered by the Smart SOA™ approach, they streamlined and automated the process and maximized their ROI.

When: Aug 19 2010

Presenting: Raffael Marty, Chief Logger,

Over the past years, organizations have collected more and more data and log files within their networks, systems, and cloud environments.

Much of the value of BRMS is achieved when it is combined with a larger SOA strategy and BPM. This video demonstrates clear requirements for reuse using the multichannel use case for retail banking.

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