May 22, 2012 - Nearly half of Americans would do all of their banking online if they could, according to a survey from interactive agency Rosetta.

Of just over 1100 respondents, 52% say that their provider's Web site is their primary method of banking, with 48% revealing that they would do it all online if it were possible. In contrast only a third of respondents consider the branch their primary method of banking.

Currently, Web banking is used primarily to check account balances and recent activity, make individual bill payments, transfer money between accounts and obtain financial information.

Ned Elton, managing partner, Rosetta, says: "Cash transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals, continue to keep consumers tethered to the branch. However, this is becoming less of a factor because people are using credit more often than cash and because of the emergence of alternative payment options, such as PayPal and near field communications."

Other factors preventing people from going fully online include security and privacy concerns, cited by 64% of respondents. Over half also want 'clear and easy-to-follow' online layouts, and 58% express interest in rewards or points programs for e-banking.

Says Elton: "Banks are missing an opportunity to better engage with consumers online and create a consistent brand experience across all channels. Retail bank marketers need to identify ways to apply the same level of personal touch and feel currently offered to retail branch customers through the online channel."

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