Payment Security

pci summit

25 Mar 2010 11:00 am Presenting Michael Dahn; Global PCI QA Manager, Verizon Business

The PCI DSS is the latest regulation of personal data protection since the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999.

pci summit

25 Mar 2010 7:00 am Presenting Simon Langley, Principal Advisor, KPMG & Financial Services Consultant

Simon Langley provides advice on a wide range of Information Security Issues.

Recorded on 27th Oct 2009

Presented by Oliver Eckel, Head of Corporate Security at Bwin Entertainment AG

a prioritized

27 Oct 2009 3:00 pm Presenting Stephen M. Walker; Colborn Morrison LLC, Managing Director

Balancing Business Demands with Regulatory Requirements

pci strategies

Recorded on 27th Oct 2009

Presented by Charles Denyer; Executive Manager (CXO/VP), IT at NDB LLP

Recorded on 27th Oct 2009

Presented by Sebastián Gagliardi, Manager in Information Security and IT Risk Management at BDO Becher

how pci

27 Oct 2009 4:00 pm Presenting David Taylor, CISSP Founder, PCI Knowledge Base

PCI Compliance is all too often managed as a "silo" within the IT department, and the controls data that the PCI DSS requires companies to collect

managing the scope

Recorded on 27th Oct 2009

Presented by Simon Langley, Principal Advisor at KPMG

software security

27 Oct 2009 10:00 am Presenting Diana Kelley; Partner at Security Curve

PCI requirement 6 and sub-requirement 6.6 have caused confusion amongst retailers and merchants trying to understand how best to secure Web-facing applications.

27 Oct 2009 11:00 am Presenting Jeff Foresman; Fishnet Security, Principal Consultant

In this presentation, Jeff Foresman will share his insight into the 20 most common areas that cause problems with achieving compliance with the PCI DSS standard.


Recorded 27th Oct 2009

Presented by Stuart Taylor, VP of Global Solutions and Marketing at Hypercom

creating reliable

27 Oct 2009 12:00 pm Presenting Todd Glassey; Certichron, Chief Scientist

Evidence today is so easily manufactured, that without supporting proof the evidence is not capable of being relied on.

27 Oct 2009 6:00 pm Presenting Dr. Anton Chuvakin; Security Warrior Consulting, Principal

PCI-DSS as Framework for your Security Program: Good or Bad?

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