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Organizations weighing T&E automation should look beyond the value of streamlining the process to solutions that include analytic and reporting features that enforce compliance controls and provide audit evidence while minimizing business risks associated with uncontrolled spending and fraud. These more robust solutions are part of the extended enterprise applications market experiencing greater investment as a result of governance, risk, and compliance requirements.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd, Feb 2008, Pages: 430

Corporate Management, Governance, and Ethics Best Practices is an essential reference offering best practices that lead to better management and, ultimately, to good corporate governance.

Find out how a robust configuration audit and control system can enable electronic submissions and signatures, and validate electronic data, in compliance with the FDA's mandatory submission of clinical trials records.


This handbook provides information that you will need to register for the SCCE Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP)Examination, including eligibility requirements, examination policies, an examination content outline, and an examination application.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd, May 2009, Pages: 320

With the high-profile corporate scandals that have taken place in recent years, corporate ethics are more important to a business than ever before. The failure of ethical leadership in an organization is very destructive-it demoralizes the workforce, breeds public distrust, and ultimately results in organizational decay.

Understand the issues addressed by the new international banking standard known as the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS or Basel II), and find out how Tripwire can help meet all requirements of Basel II compliance even before it becomes a worldwide banking regulation.

scce_code_of_ethicsSCCE Code of Ethics pdf

Compliance and ethics programs serve a critical role in helping to prevent and detect misconduct at and by organizations and to promote ethical business environments. The development and rigorous implementation of effective compliance and ethics programs protects investors, consumers, the business community and the public at large. Compliance and ethics professionals (CEPs) understand that the services we provide require the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence. Th e following Code of Ethics expresses the profession's recognition of its responsibilities to the general public, to employers and clients, and to the profession.

Decision-making is at the core of all business activity, as executives set strategy and manage operations by weighing a vast array of factors to arrive at the desired balance of risk and reward. The enormous growth of companies' size and operations in recent years-particularly across borders-is making this process increasingly complex. It is cause for alarm, then, that executives themselves perceive the quality of decision-making at their companies as mixed at best.

Learn the 5 core competencies of compliance and how to institute an automated compliance solution.

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