The implementation of an information strategy is critical to your organization's business success and key to sustaining your competitive advantage. IBM's Information Agenda has been specifically designed to help. Philip Howard of Bloor Research has helpful insights on getting started.

This demo explores the Information on Demand strategy and discusses the 5 entry points to IOD - manage data over its lifetime, optimize content based operational and compliance processes, establish govern and deliver trusted information, optimize business performance, and the Information Agenda.

Litigation always, has been, and will continue to be, a reality of doing business. What is changing, however, is discovery and its focus on electronically stored information (often abbreviated ESI).

Information technology (IT) security is indispensable to an organization's ability to conduct business and achieve its objectives. Security requirements affect almost every business process and system, and successful security measures help protect a business' brand value, stakeholder confidence, risk management strategies, and compliance status.

tmAddressing Compliance Requirements for Privacy, Data Retention, and e-Discovery
Protecting individual and financial data, retaining data, and meeting e-discovery requirements are common compliance requirements across geographies and industries.

As email has become more critical in the business world, many companies are weighing the question of how long it should be retained, what should be done with it, and when it should be deleted. The answer depends on many issues, particularly when one considers the varying regulations and business situations that might demand emails to be archived for long periods of time.

GFI MailArchiver is the #1 email archiving, management and compliance solution for Exchange Server. Perfect for the needs of SMBs, GFI MailArchiver is easily to install and requires minimal administrative effort.

Organizations today are finding themselves under increasing pressure, both legal and regulatory, to properly retain or delete documents. While policies and procedures for paper records may seem adequate, many companies find it difficult to translate those policies and requirements to electronically stored information (ESI) such as e-mail messages and electronic document files.

A new survey of legal professionals reveals that 90% of in-house counsel believes their companies are largely unprepared for legal discovery. Get full survey results and best-practice recommendations to uncover where potential gaps exist. Identify the biggest opportunities to proactively prepare for discovery requests and improve outcomes by utilizing an outsourcing strategy.


Butler Group, June 2008, Pages: 324

Many early Document and Records Management (DRM) deployments were rolled out at the departmental level as point solutions to address a single issue. Now these organisations are extending their deployments enterprisewide to address compliance requirements or to deliver an integrated information management strategy.

Once an organization has become litigation ready by creating an ESI survey data map,implementing a records retention and deletion process, and establishing a litigation hold process, additional steps can be taken to further prepare for legal actions.

Small and Mid-market customers struggle to meet ever mounting e-mail archiving requirements and associated compliance demands - often with a limited I/T staff and within strict budgetary guidelines.


Info-Tech Research Group, March 2008

E-mail leaves many enterprises feeling exposed by litigation concerns, e-mail server performance issues, or compliance burdens. All enterprises should assess the need for implementing an e-mail archiving solution or moving the existing implementation to the next level. This report will guide enterprises in determining an appropriate e-mail archiving maturity level to mitigate risks and create people, process, and technology efficiencies.

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