Project Management

When putting a project into motion, you must plan from the ground up, and not miss any steps along the way. Info-Tech Research Group has developed a comprehensive Project Plan Template to help those involved prepare for the necessary steps to be taken for any project.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd, Oct 2007, Pages: 360

Much of project management writing addresses only the basics of time, cost, and scope management (or people and organizational issues) and fails to address the day-to-day nuances that become so important in practice. The reality is that there is far more than this to managing projects successfully.

Learn how to make better decisions through IT: Efficiency is at the heart of your business goals—whether it is efficient operations, customer interactions, financial transactions, or human resources support.

This ExecBlueprint shares how four IT leaders have achieved alignment with their respective organizations and contributed substantially to their success and growth.


American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), Jan 2007, Pages: 125

There are two ways for an organization to succeed at product innovation: doing projects right and doing the right projects. Most product innovation prescriptions focus on the first route via a better innovation process, from effective project management to using cross-functional teams and building in the voice of the customer. Portfolio management, the topic of this study, focuses on the second route, namely on doing the right projects. Effective portfolio management has become an important competitive weapon that can used to achieve a strategic advantage in today's tough business environment.

Innovation is no stranger to the information technology function. Armed with increasingly sophisticated applications, IT-led teams have consistently found new ways to streamline enterprise business processes, vastly improving operating efficiency and reducing costs.


In May 2008, ISACA conducted a survey of members, managers and above to identify current business issues, supported by technology.


Butler Group, April 2007, Pages: 255

Whether an organisation views IT as a strategic capability involving significant investment, or purely as a support service to be delivered at minimal cost, the reality is that all are dependent on information systems as an integral part of many business processes.

This ExecBlueprint discusses ways that IT can step into this new role and, in the process, improve its ability to execute technology solutions that will most optimally drive business growth and productivity.

First published: May 2008

by Martin Atherton, Jon Collins and Dale Vile. FREEFORM DYNAMICS

Many organisations have been driving improvements in information management to gain better control over their information assets. While things in this area are not perfect, awareness of the challenges is now high and action is being taken to enhance capability in the areas of compliance, discovery and, not least, data security.

Before your company launches its next package selection, implementation or upgrade, make sure you don’t cripple the project from the start by failing to identify your requirements – the number one reason that projects spin out of control.

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