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The technologies and tactics utilized to combat Cyber threats are ever changing. As soon as IT deploys a new technology to counter a threat, that threat often changes. We took some time to speak with Jason Ford, Contegix CTO/CISO, to better understand common security questions he faces on a daily basis, as well as the steps that he takes to keep customer environments as secure as possible.

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There are multiple benefits of moving sites or applications to the public cloud – cost savings, agility, speed, and increased team focus, to name a few. Many smart businesses are making the decision to migrate to the cloud to realize these benefits. Cloud computing and security go hand-in-hand in the minds of many enterprises.

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The Definitive Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers. Companies increasingly use consumer data, including personal information, to stay competitive; this includes the capability to analyze their customers’ demographics and buying habits, predict future behaviors and business trends, and collect and sell data to third-parties.

HPEHadoop is a unique architecture designed to enable organizations to gain new analytic insights and operational efficiencies through the use of multiple standard, low-cost, high-speed, parallel processing nodes operating on very large sets of data. The resulting flexibility, performance, and scalability are unprecedented. But data security was not the primary design goal.

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A qualified MSP is one that can provide skills, processes and resources that exceed your in-house capabilities.  However, the IT industry has come to a crossroad where managed services meet security.  It is simply not enough for cloud providers to say they are secure.  There is too much at risk to trust blindly.  In order to dispel any fears potential customers may have, MSPs need to show they are secure. 

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Discover how enforcing endpoint protection with key management solutions can help you continuously protect information generated by an increasingly mobile workforce.

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In today’s environment of heightened regulatory requirements and increasing risk of cardholder data breach, it is critical for merchants, payment processors, and acquirers to protect payment data anywhere it moves, anywhere it resides, and however it is used. In payment acceptance systems payment data is commonly left unprotected during the authorization and settlement processes. Payment data is also left unprotected during routine and necessary back-office business processes such as fraud screening, chargeback processing, and recurring payment processing. Common methods for protecting payment data are often inflexible, expensive, and difficult to implement.

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Conventional approaches to deploying security controls seldom provide appropriate or sufficient protection for mission-critical information assets. The ISF Protection Process is astructured and systematic five-phase process for determining the approaches required to deliver comprehensive, balanced and end-to-end protection.

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To assist ISF Members, the annual ISF Threat Horizon report takes a two-year perspective of major threats, describing potential implications and providing recommendations to organisations.


Innovation Tech Insight for Security Operations, Analytics and Reporting

Security operations, analysis and reporting technologies support workflow management and automation, analytics and reporting. This enables security operations teams to automate and prioritize security operational activities and report data to inform better business decision making.

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Cloud computing is one of the largest, most dramatic forces changing the IT landscape today. Driven by key economic advantages, as well as factors that re-shape how fast enterprises can address global markets, and develop new services, there are substantial business benefits to the cloud. The savings can be substantial.

IDG logo logotypeNew survey finds most security deployments follow container-level, rather than more secure data-level, approaches to encryption. But enterprises understand at the highest levels that data security is critically important. Taking a proactive strategy will reduce corporate risk and also protect brand and reputation.


Rsam SOAR solution includes Threat Management, Vulnerability Management, and Security Incident Response modules. Customers can leverage the integrated solution or any one of the modules to get started. This datasheet describes the full solution, security tool integration and benefits

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