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Recorded:    July 23 | 2015       Attend

As corporate information technology infrastructure increases in size and complexity, corporations are recognizing the need for a better mechanism for assessing IT's role and alignment to the key corporate initiatives. What began as a series of best practices has evolved into the field known as IT governance.


When:    June 5 | 2018       Attend

In today’s world, implementing an effective GRC program is critical for every organization striving to secure the enterprise in an era of increasingly frequent and complex cyber threats. However, getting budget approval, organization buy-in and executing on a successful implementation can be daunting tasks to take on.


When:   July 23 | 2014       Attend

The burden of the existing day-to-day IT workload has never been greater and continues to grow. The recent financial scandals and high profile data breaches have raised scrutiny to unprecedented levels. This scrutiny, together with new legislative changes, has resulted in an array of new compliance measures and related challenges, which have led to a melting pot of complexity that has seen organizations increase spend simply to 'keep the IT maintenance lights on'.


7 Jul 2009 11:00 am
Raj Goel; CTO of Brainlink

Information Explosion has led to an exponential growth of information security breaches . . . 

(Archived)This webinar and service catalog demo will show you how Numara FootPrints Service Catalog will help your organization quickly provide an attractive menu of services tailored to your customers while providing transparency of service costs - all integrated into your service management workflow.


13 Aug 2009 9:00 am Presenting Toby Stevens, Director, Enterprise Privacy Group

Privacy and Data Protection have risen to the top of the Information Governance agenda, yet the processes to ensure compliance and proactive risk management are poorly understood by many organisations.


30 Sep 2009 6:00 pm Presenting Tanya Forsheit, InfoSecCompliance LLC & Peter McLaughlin,Foley & Lardn

International Regulatory Issues in the Cloud


17 Nov 2009 1:00 pm Presenting Nadeem Bukhari, Kinamik Data Integrity, VP of Product Strategy

Nadeem has more than 12 years of exclusive experience within the Information Security Industry.

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