Business Continuity


In 2005, an American broadband and telecommunications company faced a major service outage in Los Angeles, California. A computer system's problem led to the corruption of the company's main software services environment. Over 150,000 customers lost land-line, Internet and some mobile phone and 911 services.

Virtela is unique in its ability to meet these challenges for the enterprise participating on the global stage. This paper outlines the capabilities and benefits of Virtela's Global Service FabricSM.

Certainly server virtualization offers an elegant way to minimize planned downtime during routine software and hardware maintenance, or scheduled upgrades. But that addresses only part of the availability story.

Acronis® Backup & RecoveryTM 10 Server for Windows is the next-generation disaster recovery product, designed to back up and protect stand-alone Windows Servers. Download this demo software to learn how Acronis Backup & RecoveryTM 10 Server for Windows can help you recover the operating system, applications and all data in minutes after any unforeseen event.

This paper will show you how to prepare your network to support your business when these unexpected events arise.

Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) is a built-in tool that allows the Database Administrator (DBA) to easily backup and recover the data in an Oracle database. RMAN handles the coordination required to ensure that transaction integrity is preserved and sufficient information is maintained to recover the database to any appropriate point.


Janco Associates, Inc, May 2009, Pages: 200

This Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) can be used as a Disaster Planning template for any size of enterprise. The Disaster Recovery template and supporting material have been updated to be Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliant. The Disaster Planning Template comes as both a Word document and a static fully indexed PDF document and includes:


Virtela is unique in its ability to meet these challenges for the enterprise participating on the global stage. This paper outlines the capabilities and benefits of Virtela's Global Service FabricSM.

Read this report on an EIU survey of 320 executives. Focusing on North America case studies and issues, the report reviews the growing importance of sustainability strategies and management and the challenges included.

Frost and Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan, Feb 2007, Pages: 51

This Frost & Sullivan research titled North American Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Markets focuses on end-user demand for business continuity and disaster recovery services and provides enterprise-spending outlook for the North American market. This study also examines the various trends with regard to the implementation of business continuity services within the small, medium, and large enterprise markets.

Unexpected disasters threaten organizations across the globe daily. Surprisingly, many businesses are not prepared for such disasters. They lack business continuity plans which can provide both proactive and reactive strategies to minimize the impact of unforeseen setbacks.

"Engineered for enterprises of all sizes, Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server scales to thousands of machines. It provides organizations with advanced data backup and system recovery capabilities such as: data deduplication, enhanced security, operations dashboard, policy-based management, among others.

Data is the backbone of every organization. No matter the business, industry, or size, reliable data access is essential to operations. Should a "worst-case scenario" occur, being prepared with an appropriate disaster recovery strategy is essential. Given the potential high cost associated with data loss, reliable data protection is no longer an option; rather, it is an obligation.

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