Cloud Security


The growing volume of user email messages is escalating storage requirements and increasing the pressure on traditional email archiving solutions. Maintaining email archives to meet security, compliance or business policies is a struggle, with traditional in-house solutions facing a never-ending cycle of decreasing performance and increasing investments in costly technology.

Email: It's your most important business communication tool, but also the most risky. Increasing mail volumes and larger attachments drive the need for more mail servers, more storage and more resources to manage them. And concerns about confidentiality, compliance and data privacy are putting increased focus on outbound email.

By Lee Dittmar
Principle, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Issue No. 6 in the Risk Intelligence Series

The responsibilities facing today's chief information officer (CIO) are more demanding than ever, and CIOs are increasingly aware that informaton technology (IT)-related problems can come at a staggering cost to their organization's bottom line and reputation.

A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by SAP

What is the greatest risk to any large business? Most executives would say it is information technology (IT) failure.

After a sharp drop in November 2008, spam volume has quickly returned to previous highs. Many organizations saw a 30% to 40% increase in spam during the first weeks of 2009.


In May 2008, ISACA conducted a survey of members, managers and above to identify current business issues, supported by technology.

Insight from leading CIOsPricewaterhouseCoopers has interviewed a number of CIOs worldwide to obtain their views on IT Governance,
their experience in implementing IT Governance, and what it takes to make IT Governance work.


The two fundamental purposes of this report are first, to identify the strategies, high-level tactics, internal capabilities and frameworks, technologies, and services that top performing companies are employing to realize substantial business benefits from their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs. Secondly, to provide a roadmap of actionable analysis and recommendations that both companies planning to develop an ERM program for the first time, and companies seeking to augment and optimize an existing initiative can leverage to improve their performance in assessing and managing risks strategically across the enterprise.

Kenneth Chin, Carolyn DiCenzo. Gartner

Well managed information archives are crucial as organizations strive to meet new compliance and discovery requirements.

First published: May 2008

by Martin Atherton, Jon Collins and Dale Vile. FREEFORM DYNAMICS

Many organisations have been driving improvements in information management to gain better control over their information assets. While things in this area are not perfect, awareness of the challenges is now high and action is being taken to enhance capability in the areas of compliance, discovery and, not least, data security.


By Chris McClean, Forrester

Software applications for managing governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) continue to mature with impressive features and functions. Even more impressive are the organizational and strategic advancements companies are making by closely linking these three traditionally distinct functions;

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