International securities regulators are to establish a 'Fintech Network' to share information and knowledge on emerging technologies and risks to the financial system.
At its annual meeting in Budapest this week, the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (Iosco) earmarked the challenges of fintech and digitilsation as one of four top areas of focus for the coming year.

The UK cryptocurrency community is calling on the Government and the Financial Conduct Authority to toughen up rules governing the trading of virtual currencies and to issue licenses to firms which demonstrate compliance.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) have today signed an arrangement that commits the regulators to collaborating and supporting innovative firms through each other’s financial technology (FinTech) initiatives – LabCFTC and FCA Innovate.

The European Commission has issued new requirements that ensure independence of payment card schemes and processing entities, to enhance competition in the card payment market. Retailers will be able to choose the most suitable processor for their card transactions, to the benefit of consumers.

New ‘Beyond Regulation’ programme reveals critical importance of compliance, not only in terms of regulatory changes but also how it enhances businesses across the globe.

The Berlin Group, a European coalition of banks and payment processors, has published version 1.0 of its framework designed to give Third Party Providers (TTPs) API access to bank accounts in compliance with new regulations on freeing up customer data under PSD2.

A row has broken out between the US capital markets watchdog and a number of exchanges over the plan to impose a new market surveillance system on the US equities and options market.

The Bank of England has been looking into how distributed ledgers can be configured to enable privacy amongst participants whilst keeping data shared across a network and enabling regulators to view all transactions.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) have today published an update on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

US financial services lobby group Sifma has used its latest cyberattack simulation exercise as an opportunity to call for a roll back of "redundant" rules in order to free up resources for fighting cyber crooks.

A former Equifax executive has been charged by US authorities with insider trading, accused of selling off all of his stock in the credit rating agency last summer before it revealed it had suffered a massive data breach.

Distributed ledger technology, or DLT, is the advancement that underpins an array of new financial products, including cryptocurrencies and digital payment services.
Many have identified DLT as the next great driver of economic efficiency. Some have even compared it to productivity-driving innovations such as the steam engine and personal computer.

(Bloomberg) -- Regulators worldwide are finding that it’s incredibly hard to control the explosive growth of money tied to no nation.

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