Effectively Managing Privacy Risk in Processing Personal Data


In this whitepaper, Michael Rasmussen - The GRC Pundit - explains why many organizations should strongly consider a best-in-breed approach to managing data privacy management over alternatives including spreadsheets or existing enterprise GRC solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • How privacy is a highly dynamic and moving target that requires compliance management to identify and mitigate the compliance, brand, and business risks associated with processing personal data
  • Why a manual approach to privacy management can be inefficient, complex and make an organization vulnerable
  • Why existing enterprise GRC solutions can be too broad or lacked the depth of privacy content and process needed in the organization
  • How TRUSTe can help effectively manage privacy risk while saving time, money and resources

Explore the unique requirements for managing data privacy compliance and how TRUSTe's Assessment Manager platform can address those needs vs. traditional GRC solutions.

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