Data-Centric Security: Staying Ahead of the Threat Curve


Recorded:    Sept 21 | 2016       Attend

Over recent years, several organizations have suffered damaging data breaches where sensitive data was stolen. Alarmingly, things seem to be getting worse, and the results can be devastating. With the expanding threat landscape and the rise of the data-centric enterprise, companies must have parallel development of their security architecture to protect their sensitive data. But in the time it's taken for data security to catch up with the changing environment, organizations have found their compliance and data protection programs vulnerable.

CISOs must take steps to protect data that is expanding in volume, variety and velocity, and adopt security perimeters around identity attributes and data-centric security. Sensitive data must be continuously monitored for situational awareness and risk management, and CISOs should follow policies that encompass all data silos if they are to avoid security chaos. Enterprises must have an understanding of where sensitive data resides, who has access to it, and how it is impacted by new types of threats and vulnerabilities. Armed with these capabilities, CISOs can enhance sensitive data security to stay ahead of the threats, maintain regulatory compliance, and improve operational efficiency.

Attend this panel discussion as we discuss the key issues which CISOs should be addressing today.



Branden WilliamsBranden Williams has nearly two decades of experience in technology and information security with a formidable background in the the technologies that drive today's businesses. After spending the first several years of his career working with education institutions and internet service providers to secure their infrastructures, Branden co-founded and sold an IT consulting business. He continued in this entrepreneurial spirit and worked with several of the buyer's portfolio companies to enable secure growth of their business. Branden has practical experience working with global clients in multiple verticals and is known for creating innovative solutions to challenging problems.He has current, extensive experience in a number of popular server platforms, and further experience in other operating systems including Mainframe (z/OS) and OS X. From a networking perspective, Branden has experience with many of the major networking players as well as practical deployments of infrastructure to promote efficiency and order where cost and chaos normally exists. Branden is a Distinguished Fellow of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and was also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Dallas's Graduate School of Management where he taught in their NSA Certified Information Assurance program. He publishes regularly and co-authored multiple books on PCI Compliance.

Steve Durbin Steve Durbin is Vice President of the Information Security Forum (ISF). His main areas of focus include the emerging security threat landscape, Cyber security, BYOD, Big data, Cloud security and Social media across both the corporate and personal environments. He is a regular speaker and chair at global events and is often quoted in publications such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Deutsche Presse, Süddeutsche Zeitung, CIO Forum, ZD Net and Information Week. Formerly at Ernst & Young, Steve was responsible for the growth of the firm's entrepreneurial markets business in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. He has considerable experience working in the technology and telecoms markets and was previously senior vice president at Gartner. As global head of Gartner's consultancy business he developed a range of strategic marketing, business and IT solutions for international investment and entrepreneurial markets.

Farshad GFarshad Ghazi, Global Product Management at HPE Security – Data Security. Farshad is a technology enthusiast and a passionate product leader with deep multifaceted experience in enterprise security, telecommunications, IP communication, and scrum agile development framework. As Product manager for the innovative SecureData Enterprise, Farshad leads on securing enterprise data throughout its entire life cycle. His central function is in tying product development with marketing and sales to provide the best in class data-centric security solution, and he provides data-driven strategic direction and business plans based on the market trends, needs assessment, and customer requirements.


Robert Shields, CISSP, Principal PMM, Data Security and Privacy. Robert leads product marketing for Informatica’s Secure@Source and data masking solutions. Robert is responsible for market development and strategy, sales enablement, analyst relations and thought leadership. Robert has extensive information security experience and helped introduce and pioneer key security technologies including encryption, two-factor authentication, computer forensics, eDiscovery, data masking and data security intelligence.


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