Janco Associates, Inc, May 2009, Pages: 200

This Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) can be used as a Disaster Planning template for any size of enterprise. The Disaster Recovery template and supporting material have been updated to be Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliant. The Disaster Planning Template comes as both a Word document and a static fully indexed PDF document and includes:


Client Organization [hereafter referred to as "the Bank"] was launched in 2007, as the investment banking arm of the largest bank in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), to provide investment banking services to individual, institutional and corporate clients in the KSA. Underpinning this ethos is a fundamental belief that combining innovation with solid best practice service and execution will ensure that the Bank continues to be a first choice provider in its areas of strength.

Frost and Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan, Feb 2007, Pages: 51

This Frost & Sullivan research titled North American Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Markets focuses on end-user demand for business continuity and disaster recovery services and provides enterprise-spending outlook for the North American market. This study also examines the various trends with regard to the implementation of business continuity services within the small, medium, and large enterprise markets.

Data Sheet

Streamline and accelerate threat and vulnerability lifecycle management across all assets, including those in cloud and virtualized environments.

Many of the objections IT leaders have to the cloud today have sprung from myths that have reached urban-legend status. Simply put, cloud backup isn't as fraught with peril as some observers believe it to be. Moreover, while bad news, accurate or otherwise, travels fast, good news about cloud backup and recovery has been slower to reach many IT departments.

Organizations with well-architected, thoroughly tested, and fully documented disaster recovery (DR) plans and solutions were able to bounce back quickly when Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc onshore. Those who were less prepared had their operations knocked completely offline. Are you ready for a disastrous event like Sandy?

During our research, EVault seemed to be the cleanest, and it has now proven to be exactly the solution we need.

Online Tech

Investing in risk management means investing in business sustainability – designing a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan is about analyzing the impact of a business interruption on revenue.






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