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With BitSight for Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), you can gain immediate visibility into cyber risks within a potential vendor’s ecosystem – enabling you to reduce your onboarding time and costs, and scale your processes to assess and monitor all of your vendors with your current resources.

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In this white paper, we will take a look at some of the challenges that keep today’s vendor onboarding processes from supporting the needs of modern businesses.

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In this white paper, we will examine what is driving the need for continuous visibility into an organization's digital assets. Then, we will explore how SPM helps security and risk leaders achieve broad visibility into all their digital assets — across all devices and endpoints, onpremise or in the cloud — on a continuous basis. Only with this visibility can the business assess its cybersecurity posture and take steps to build an effective program around risk reduction.

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In this white paper, we’ll look at why third-party security risk matters, some of the forces transforming this space, and how to prioritize risk. During the way, we’ll dive into principles for fair and accurate ratings and why the security of your vendor’s entire enterprise matters. You’ll also learn the true cost of administering your vendor security questionnaire and how to incorporate continuous monitoring into your third-party risk program.

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RiskRecon and the Cyentia Institute published the Internet Risk Surface and Cloud Risk Surface reports in mid-2019. These studies analyzed data from RiskRecon spanning over five million Internet-facing hosts from ~20,000 organizations as well as major hosting providers around the world. The primary goal was to explore dimensions of interconnectivity, interdependence, and risk exposure that define the era of digital transformation.

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Greenlight Technologies provides an Access Violation Management (AVM) solution that helps its customers eliminate manual mitigating controls for segregation of duties (SoD). Greenlight Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and objectively examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying its Access Violation Management solution.

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ThBuilding a Cyber-Savvy Culture - A Guide to Unlocking the Power of IT Security as a Business Enabler

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Here, we’ll look more closely at the problem of third-party risk, and see how incorporating threat intelligence with GRC technology can help solve three of the most common challenges faced today in third-party risk management.


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OneTrust GRC is an integrated risk management platform that delivers a complete, measured view of your business’s risk portfolio providing clear insights to leadership and expediting the execution of routine tasks.

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Organizations today operate in a challenging business environment. Their workforce is constantly changing and the business processes the workforce performs are distributed across an increasing number of applications. The average worker today uses over nine applications. Ensuring these workers don’t do anything that could have a negative financial impact on the organization is no easy task.

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Greenlight’s platform provides visibility to all applications, all users, all transactions, and all risks across the entire enterprise – all the time.

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Knowing what’s on your global hybrid-IT environment is fundamental to security. Qualys Global IT Asset Inventory (AI) gives you a “single source of truth” for IT assets of all types, whether on-prem (devices and applications), mobile, endpoints, clouds, containers, OT and IoT. This clarity gives you unprecedented understanding of your asset landscape and a better ability to manage and secure it.


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Today’s security professionals face not only an ever-expanding list of threats, old and new, but also an excruciating choice of security approaches and tools. Nearly 2000 security vendors are trying to sell to large enterprises and small businesses. Most organizations have already invested heavily in cybersecurity solutions. From firewalls to proxies and endpoint protection to DLP, the average firm has more than 40 types of security technologies in place, each generating telemetry that grows every year.

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The contents of this white paper are intended to provide entities and other QSAs relevant information to assist in determining how the ASP can enable and support PCI DSS compliance in the entity's own environment.








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