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Compliance, IT, and third-party risk teams are being challenged more than ever. Compliance teams are being met with growing cyber risks — and expanding regulations — on a daily basis that must be handled quickly. Much of that impact is coming from organizations leaning on more and more third parties for outsourcing than ever before. As a result, the need for automation, flexible tooling, regulatory guidance, and integrated data is paramount.

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BitSight Financial Quantification for Enterprise Cyber Risk simulates your organization’s financial exposure across multiple types of cyber events and impact scenarios to calculate a range of potential financial losses.

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For the last six years, we’ve watched our customers use Risk Cloud® (our nimble and collaborative GRC platform) to build powerful, easy-to manage risk programs.

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Amount was preparing to spin-off from an industry-leading digital lending company. This transition brought up some challenges, but also created a lot of opportunities.

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Corporate leaders must be prepared with sound cybersecurity practices, which are critical for a company’s bottom line.

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Third-party risk management has become a focus for most organizations due to the rise in disruptive incidents caused by a vendor operating with poor security practices.

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Netwrix Auditor is just such a solution. More than 9,000 organizations worldwide, including large enterprises such as Siemens, R1 RCM, Allianz, Virgin Atlantic and Eni, already use this platform for data security, risk mitigation and compliance in their on-premises, cloud and hybrid IT environments and to increase the return on their security investments.

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As businesses scale to keep up with the demands of digital transformation, the reliance on third parties and the
emergence of the digital supply chain is an innate part of almost every business function. According to a report by Audit Committee Leadership Network, two-thirds of nearly 400 private and public companies reported having over 5,000 thirdparty relationships, with some having many more.

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This ebook walks through five steps that help CISOs and non-technical executives evaluate their organization’s cybersecurity performance from a common and shared perspective.

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Third-Party Cyber Risk Management For Dummies, CyberGRX Special Edition, discusses this new world of third-party cyber risk management in five chapters: Understanding Third-Party Cyber Risk Management (Chapter 1), Communicating the Importance of TPCRM (Chapter 2), Tackling the Traditional (and Outdated).

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Solving risk at scale requires good information upon which risk managers can build models and protocols for efficiently guiding their organizations to good risk positions.

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While data breaches are commonplace, occasionally there’s an attack so audacious that its impact reverberates long after the initial jolt.

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Ransomware continues to dominate headlines with no sign of slowing down. What started more than 30 years ago has become one of the most prevalent and lucrative cyberattacks that does not discriminate by company size, industry, or geography. In addition, with the growth of the digital ecosystem, ransomware can now work its way not only through the primary target, but affect the third parties that a business may also be working with.






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