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Are Your Vendors Safe to do Business With?

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We hope that you find this study helpful in your work to hold third parties accountable to managing risk well.

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A comprehensive compliance guide for the General Data Protection Regulation. This Handbook is designed to support the ability of the Privacy Office in implementing an accountability approach to compliance with the GDPR.

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With Black Friday bearing down on a harried team, here’s how Kitsch used Ethyca to make CCPA spreadsheets a thing of the past.

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TrustArc’s GDPR Validation enables companies to demonstrate their GDPR compliance status using intelligent, technology-powered assessments backed by a team of experts conducting an independent compliance review.

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Launched in 1955, ITV is a free-to-air television network in the United Kingdom. ITV is supported by its supply chain to secure content pre-distribution and to secure its broadcast chain.

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A Guide to Build, Mature or Optimize Your TPRM Program


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A risk assessment program is about identifying threats to assets, the likelihood of the threats occurring in a given time period, estimating the potential damage if the threat is exploited, and implementing appropriate controls to offset the biggest and most likely risks first and best.

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Find out how ThreatConnect helped a customer:

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Mitigating your risk exposure starts with building an internal culture around the importance of information security and, more critically, by giving your organization the ability to see infosec risk as a business driver, not just rules that need to be complied with.

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Security organizations need to continually quantify cyber risk in financial terms and require a partner that helps them automate and orchestrate the right response.

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How to Win the Third-Party Game by Expanding Beyond Cybersecurity Assessments to Include Procurement Risks

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Many organizations are expanding traditional threat intelligence programs to include vulnerability management, brand protection, and other critical security functions.

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The SolarWinds attack, disclosed by security firm FireEye and Microsoft in December, may have breached as many as 18,000 government and private sector organizations. It has been characterized as the largest and most sophisticated cyber attack the world has ever seen, and was made possible by the Sunburst malware the attackers implanted in legitimate digitally signed DLL files in SolarWinds’ Orion update packages.






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