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Maintaining strong vendor relationships is critical in today’s highly connected and globalized market. But for some organizations, supply chains have become ungovernably large, and the challenges facing procurement and risk management teams are only growing.

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Do enterprise risks keep CEOs awake at night? According to the 100 CEOs who participated in LogicGate’s inaugural Enterprise Risk Management survey, the answer is an emphatic—if slightly groggy—YES.

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This is the definitive study of third-party security risk management practices. Based on in-depth interviews of risk executives from 30 domestic and global firms, it reveals the real-world capabilities and practices employed to manage third-party security risk.


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While third-party relationships undoubtedly add business value, they also introduce significant new risk and compliance challenges for organizations. On top of that, as vendor ecosystems grow in size and complexity, risk management teams are increasingly struggling to procure and maintain high-quality, real-time external data to feed their governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) technology.

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As leading companies in every industry today are undergoing digital transformation, the lines are blurring between any one organization and its partners, suppliers, vendors, and other third parties. In this new report, ESG examines how these business relationships can introduce new risks that need to be identified and managed “as if these third parties were part of the enterprise itself.”


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ProcessUnity’s Vendor Risk Management software protects companies and their brands by reducing risks from third-party vendors and suppliers. Our program helps customers effectively and efficiently assess and monitor both new and existing vendors – from initial due diligence and onboarding
to termination.

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When one of your vendors takes a hit, you could take the fall. But do you have a clear picture of your vulnerability?

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Companies that use compliance technology saved an average of $1.45M in compliance costs in 2019. Additionally, integrated risk management programs
achieve higher growth than less integrated programs, according to a 2019 risk management survey from Deloitte.

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While many enterprises have taken tremendous strides in recent years to measure and manage the cyber risk present within their own IT systems, they struggle to extend that vigilance to third-party risk.

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Access control, a critical component of IT security compliance programs, ensures that organizations protect confidential information, like intellectual property and customer data. But your access management program can easily become outdated and static—especially if you rely on manual control testing and user access administration tasks.

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This book gives IT professionals a practical understanding of privileged account management (PAM). It describes what privileged accounts are, where they reside throughout an IT environment, and how they function. Most important, this book explains the risks associated with these accounts and how to best protect them from hacker and malicious insider threats.

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Abstract: As naming goes, Zero Trust is easily understood. No one is trusted implicitly. In terms of cybersecurity, organizations should trust no one, whether an insider or an outsider, with unverified access to sensitive IT assets.

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This is the comprehensive beginner’s guide for anyone looking to understand the basics of access security.

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This white paper addresses some of the most common challenges of implementing, managing, and maintaining key risk indicators (KRIs) within your IT department.






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