Presenting: Barry Lewis, co-author: Wireless Networks for Dummies; Cerberus ISC

Secure Mobile Computing: Audit and control of memory sticks to Smartphones . . .


Presenting Paul Reymann; CEO of Reymann Group

Compliance used to be a periodic and mostly manual project driven by audit dates and deadlines. But those days are gone . . .


Presenting: Brandon Dunlap, Managing Director of Research, Brightfly

Unlike Y2K, which came and went, the recent spate of regulatory actions have accumulated on American companies like barnacles. . .


Presenter: Hussain Hasan; Managing Director,Technology Risk Management Service

Virtualization Technology Threats and Myths. There are 4 types of Virtualization . . .


Presenting: Doug Shin, Audit and Information Security Consultant

This session will outline and review the basic elements of Internal IT Audit function, including the differences betweeen External and Internal Audit, the purpose and value of Internal Audit function and other relevant topics . . .


Presenting: Jose Dias, CISA, Director American Express

This session discusses new trends and best practices on Application Audits. Similarities and differences between Infrastructure, Application, and Integrated Audits . . . 

(Archived) Warren Kruse: VP, Data Forensics and Analytics, Encore Discovery Solutions

Spoilation: It's not always intentional. Not having a a plan before an incident or having inadequate documentation . . . 

(Archived) Sean Regan, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Vault, Symantec Corp

Organizations are increasingly being ordered to produce email messages and other electronic files relevant to E-Discovery cases. The penalties for noncompliance with a court's discovery order can be severe . . . 

(Archived) Steve Burgess, President of Burgess Computer Forensics

Digital Investigation and e-Discovery with Steve Burgess . . .  

(Archived) Jeffrey S. Follett, Partner at Foley Hoag LLP

Whether mining data for e-discovery compliance or just going about its daily business, your company faces a welter of confusing and sometimes conflicting legal obligations and interests relating to information security and privacy . . . 

(Archived) Robert Brown; Senior Director, Litigation Consulting at First Advantage

Preparing for e-discovery requires isolation specific data using a process that will withstand legal scrutiny. With virtually all communication and business processes captured on digital media, computer forensics can become critical to locating and interpreting electronic evidence . . .

(Archived) Stephanie Giammarco Partner at BDO Consulting

This session is aimed towards attorneys and in-house professionals who are involved with e-discovery. This interactive discussion will provide real-life examples of "E-Discovery Exceptions" . . . 

Murray Rosenthal, CISA/Senior Policy Analyst - Security, City of Toronto

Ordered Chaos! That's what PCI Compliance is causing in organizations. In this archived webinar, the City of Toronto's experience with PCI Compliance and its approach to ordered chaos will be profiled . . . 


Branden R. Williams: Director, PCI Practice at VeriSign

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) affects nearly every business on the planet. Most Retailers are already aware of its implications to their businesses . . .

Bryan S. Cline, Ph.D., Director, IS Risk Management

Health care security and compliance requirements are generally both vague and varied. And while JCAHO and CMS have offered implementation guidance, many if not most health care entities approach security and compliance risk in a haphazard fashion, essentially "siloed" from other institutions . . .   

Storing redundant data inflates capital and operational costs and hinders efforts to ‘go green.'


7 Jul 2009 6:00 pm
Diana Kelley; Partner at Security Curve

Moving data and services "stuff"(including personally identifiable information and protected health information)to a cloud computing model is a bit like putting important things in a high-end storage facility . .


7 Jul 2009 3:00pm
Branden R. Williams: Director, PCI Practice at VeriSign

Now that Level I merchants have undergone a few annual Payment Card Industry (PCI) assessments, they are addressing the realization that a mature, sustainable compliance program requires more than once-a-year rallying to prepare for, participate in, and pass assessment . . .


7 Jul 2009 1:00pm
Carole Switzer, President, Open Compliance and Ethics Group(OCEG)

A framework of standard practices to help your organization achieve Pricipled Performance . . . 


7 Jul 2009 12:00pm
: Brandon Dunlap; Managing Director of Research at Brightfly

Rationalization of controls across multiple regulations, industry mandates, and best practices is a difficult task . . .


7 Jul 2009 11:00 am
Raj Goel; CTO of Brainlink

Information Explosion has led to an exponential growth of information security breaches . . . 


7th July
Sean Lyons, Principal, R.I.S.C. International (Ireland)

Sean Lyons is an active pioneer within the contemporary corporate defense movement, being a firm advocate of the requirement for corporate defense to play a more eminent role in corporate strategy. .


7 Jul 2009 8:00 am
Jonathan Armstrong, Technology Lawyer & Partner, Eversheds LLP

Jonathan's practice is international and currently serves as Vice-Chair of the international section of the New York State Bar Asssociation . . .

Webinar: Managing Laptops to Prevent Data Breach
In this webinar, learn how your IT department can improve auditing of laptop inventory, verify software license compliance and remotely delete data on laptops that are outside the local or wireless network.






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