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Organizations are suffering from volatility across all risk types, and need to re-think their enterprise risk strategy. In a landscape filled with new threats and new regulations, risk management has never been more critical to senior leaders in all sectors, and gaining a complete view of an organization's risk exposure is increasing in complexity.


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Information Governance is an essential element to your compliance planning and execution. With evolving regulatory demands and increased litigation, the imperative to gain control over business content has never been more critical. Experts know that managing the retention and disposition of business information reduces litigation risk and legal discovery costs. But with the best of plans, there are challenges to face and decisions to make. Add in the maturation of technology and security issues, and the challenges seem to grow exponentially.


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Big Data is a trend that has engulfed today's IT industry and one that organizations are struggling to manage. According to IDC, the amount of information created, captured or replicated has exceeded available storage for the first time since 2007, and many organization's are spending far more time looking for information than actually using it. The size of the digital universe this year will be tenfold what it was just five years earlier. Therefore, organizations must find smarter data management approaches that enable them to effectively corral and optimize their data.

BYOD Webcast

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69% of organizations have employees using mobile devices to connect to their corporate network, and Gartner predicts that through 2017, 90% of enterprises will have two or more mobile operating systems to support. This brings not only security concerns, but practical problems with managing a variety of devices that can contain both personal and corporate data. As a result, mobile device management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) solutions for the enterprise are exploding into the market. Choosing the right solution will increase enterprise efficiency, while maintaining security and regulatory compliance, without a massive burden on IT.

Recorded: October 3 | 2012    

For many years complying with government standards and industry regulations has been seen as a check box in the lengthy list of IT security tasks. However, most recent changes in the environment and increased cyber security threats have led to a rethinking of this approach. With more than 365 security incidents reported in 2011 affecting over 126 million records, many organizations are rethinking the way they approach security, risk management, and compliance.

MDM Security and Compliance

Recorded: June 20 | 2012     

The rapid evolution of consumer devices and a growing demand from employees are changing the ways in which organizations deliver mobility solutions to the workforce. There are any number of new mobile devices and emerging technologies to help today's professionals do their jobs in any location, and these technologies bring a range of new challenges, from security, compliance and risk management, to cost and human capital management.

Recorded: May 17 | 2012    

Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) processes are extensive; they are how an organization is directed and managed to achieve goals, considering risks to achievement, and complying with applicable laws and regulations.

Recorded: March 23 | 2012    

Senior management at all levels are pressured to improve their organizations risk management capabilities. In a landscape filled with new threats and new regulations, risk management has never been more critical to senior leaders in all sectors.


Recorded: February 1 | 2012          

Cloud Computing has been hailed as the long sought after answer of low cost computing , where users can remotely store their data into the cloud and enjoy the on-demand high quality applications and services from a shared platform of computing resources. By outsourcing their data storage, users can be relieved from the burden of local data storage and maintenance, in some cases eliminating IT departments all together.

CHASE Paymentech

Recorded: October 13 | 2011   

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) provides data protection requirements for organizations that process card payments. These requirements have even been adopted as law by some US states (e.g., Minnesota, Nevada, Washington). While organizations that fully comply with PCI DSS are considered compliant credit-card processors, compliance and security are not one in the same.

Recorded: October 12 | 2011   

Today, enterprises around the globe operate IT processes covering areas such as security, availability, infrastructure and IT project management. These processes support the core business processes that organizations use to operate successfully.

Panel Discussion

Recorded: September 14 | 2011   

This event will discuss an overall payment security landscape, the costs associated with managing payment data, and the benefits of Tokenization. Attendees will learn how payment security solutions, such as encryption and tokenization can go beyond complying with PCI–DSS requirements and reduce the scope of PCI, while keeping data safe and alleviating the overall impact on your business.

Recorded: August 11 | 2011   

As the number of regulations that affect Global 2000 organizations can easily exceed a dozen, many companies struggle to map multiple frameworks and specifications across configurations settings. This leads to cost-inefficiency, inaccuracies, and often audit fatigue.


Recorded: with Gartner | 2011    View Webinar

When companies share sensitive documents with partners outside the corporate network, security, compliance and collaboration are often seen as a tradeoff. You can lock information down behind the firewall with strict policies and centralized control, but without collaboration. Or you can use a collaboration portal, but at the expense of security and the ability to enforce corporate confidentiality policies.

PCI Compliance Guidelines

Recorded: 2011    Listen Now

Annual costs of data management are soaring. So how can your business stay ahead of the curve to achieve and maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and still deal with potentially millions of points of vulnerability?

Recorded: June 30 | 2011   

In this session we will provide a detailed analysis on how PCI DSS 2.0 impacts your IT operations (e.g., network engineering, server management, and applications development); intended for technical audience.


Presenter: Tim Dunn, Vice President of Strategy, CA Technologies Security Europe

Traditional Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms were built with one primary scenario in mind, to run on an enterprise's premises for their tightly scoped user community. The business and technology world has moved on, businesses want to be more innovative and agile. Gaining a competitive edge means exploiting technologies such as cloud, virtualisation, worker mobility enablement, personal device adoption, and business collaboration tools. IAM has become pivotal in enabling business innovation.


Presenter: Alan Priestly, Director, Cloud Marketing EMEA, Intel

Today, cloud access security requires more than a simplistic secure VPN tunnel or single sign on from tightly controlled corporate applications. Users are demanding access to the cloud from a wider range of clients and directly on the cloud platform itself. From a compliance standpoint it is a growing nightmare involving orphaned accounts, infected clients, and un-auditable silos of user activity data left outside enterprise control. In this session, Intel showcases key technologies that are being used in the market today to build a trusted client to cloud connection.

Audit Considerations

Presenter: Jason Wood, Assistant Professor, Jack Welch,  President of WoodCPA Plus P.C.

The presentation will discuss audit considerations in a cloud computing environment. Technology professionals can learn what to expect from their auditors, and auditors can learn what areas to review in a cloud environment.


Presenter: Dean Ocampo, CISSP, Dir. of Product Marketing &  Tom Stickle, Sr. Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services

Organizations who have locked down PCI in the traditional Data Center are now struggling with how to transform to a cloud-oriented world with their compliance-impacted data intact. Plainly put, PCI compliance is enabled through a combination of certified infrastructures, and protection and control of PAN data – and the same principles apply whether you're in the Data Center and in the Cloud. In this webcast, we'll show you what you need to know about PCI in the Cloud – selecting the right infrastructure, understanding audit scope, and a checklist for enforcing and enabling controls that will ensure critical protection and compliance of your data no matter where it goes.


Presenter: Iddo Kadim, Director of Data Center Virtualization Technologies, Intel

Security is a key concern in cloud today. Security solutions are often sold on the basis of fear—how to stop malicious hackers. And there is value in this, for the threats are often real. But in today's competitive world, one must also focus on how technology allows growth and innovation while also meeting security requirements. Attendees will learn how Intel is enhancing platforms with new security capabilities and enabling a broad ecosystem of solutions that allow companies to embrace virtualization and cloud without compromising security, thus gaining more efficiency, control and functional compliance.

Duane Morris

Presenter: Jonathan Armstrong, Technology Lawyer Partner, Duane Morris LLP

All you ever wanted to know about the legal risks of cloud computing, but were too afraid to ask. In this webcast acclaimed technology lawyer Jonathan Armstrong gives a quick rundown of the legal issues of cloud computing including the latest news on regulatory developments in Europe and the Americas. Jonathan also discusses the UK regulator's checklist for cloud vendors and purchasers, data privacy issues and the need for flexibility and portability in legal agreements.


Presenter: Emma Webb-Hobson, Information Assurance Consultant, QinetiQ

Examining the issues facing small to medium enterprises when choosing a cloud service provider. This presentation will give an overview of what areas and questions the SME procurer should consider to make an informed decision about adopting new cloud services.


Presenter: Gregor Petri, Advisor on Lean IT and Cloud Computing, CA Technologies

The economies of cloud computing promise great rewards. But these rewards will only become reality if the associated risks of cloud computing are addressed. And preferably these risks should be addressed early on, ideally during the design of these services. In this session you will learn about a ground breaking new way to design, build and run new, reliable and secure cloud services. In the age of cloud computing, leveraging virtualization, abstraction and sourcing are key to delivering greater returns. See how this can be achieved in a simple and repeatable way.






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