Recorded: May 17 | 2012    

Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) processes are extensive; they are how an organization is directed and managed to achieve goals, considering risks to achievement, and complying with applicable laws and regulations.

Recorded: March 23 | 2012    

Senior management at all levels are pressured to improve their organizations risk management capabilities. In a landscape filled with new threats and new regulations, risk management has never been more critical to senior leaders in all sectors.

Social Media Risk v Opps

Recorded: April 13 | 2011   

The widespread private use by employees is embraced by many businesses in their communications. The policies and procedures on the proper business use of social media should address the protection of intellectual property, but also consider and respect the interest of preserving the public domain and fair use/dealing, of stimulating fair competition and innovation.

Simplify GRC

Recorded: Jan 26 2011  

In this panel discussion we will address the challenges IT teams face as a result of siloed, inefficient point tool approaches to administering and enforcing security and compliance policy across hybrid IT infrastructures.

Recorded: 25 August 2010

Automating the IT Risk Management process is critical for organizations who want to secure their IT investments from internal and external risks related to information security, infrastructure, project management and business continuity processes.

Recorded: Wednesday, July 21st @ 2pm EST

Presented By: Michael Rasmussen, Corporate Integrity, and Chris Noel, TruArx.

In today's economic climate, many organizations outsource parts of their business to take advantage of cost savings and solution-expertise. However, as vendor relationships increase, it becomes more difficult to manage them. The risks assumed by outsourcing can be significant without a vendor management program.


Held: Jul 22 2010 10:00 am

Presenting: Simon Goldstein; Fiserv, Director, Risk Management, CISA, CISM

Regulations, examiners, internal and external auditors, as well as customers increasingly probe your business for details about your risk management practices.

Value Bridge

Held: Jul 22 2010 11:00 am

Presenting: Brian Barnier; Value Bridge Advisors, Principal

IT Risk 2.0!? Am I ready? OMG, did I even do IT Risk 1.0? "Risk Management" has skyrocketed on both business and IT leader's priority lists - financial crisis, gulf oil spill, cyber-attacks, network failures, product liability.






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